What does it mean to be a pagan

What does it mean to be a paganI am often asked what is a pagan?  A pagan is a person that believes in a different way to live and see their faith. They do not follow any of the monotheist religions of the world.  

They follow many of the different earth based religions, their connection to nature is scared.  Each culture has the old ways in which they lived. With many different gods and goddesses representing the aspects of their daily lives.Living in balance and harmony. 

Many of these ways are still practiced today. They are becoming more widespread every day. Most pagans do not believe in the idea of sin. Of course there is right and wrong but  that is a personal choice.  

I believe babies are born perfect. Most pagans do not believe in a Satan. That is Christian belief. Pagans understand all about evil but found it is in the hearts and minds of men is where evil is born. Pagans don't turn people into toads. Have you seen any toads driving a car? I rest my case. 

A Pagan Soul (contributed)